SWHL Constitution

         Sask West Hockey League Constitution

Adopted September 16,2014
Revised: April12, 2015
Revised: September 28, 2015
Revised: April 11, 2016
Revised: April 19, 2017
Revised: October 2, 2017
.01 Name
The organization shall be known as the "SASK WEST HOCKEY LEAGUE", hereinafter referred to as the "League'.
.02 Objectives:
.01 The objectives of the League shall be to control, improve and foster amateur hockey in the area which it embraces,
within the framework of the Saskatchewan Hockey Association hereinafter referred to as the "SHA".
.03 Membership:
.01 a. Members who hold a permanent franchise in the League and who have paid all league fees, dues, fines and
performance bonds shall be full members.
b. Full Members enjoy all privileges of the League and have full voting rights.
.02. Probationary Members:
a. A new member may purchase a probationary franchise, by majority vote of the League Governors, for two
hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) for a period of one (1) year.
b. Probationary members shall enjoy all privileges of full members including the right to vote except at the Annual
Meeting when the vote is taken to grant Probationary Members full Membership.
c. After two years new members by 60% majority vote of the League Governors shall be awarded a permanent
d. New applications for a league franchise must be made to the League President in writing by September 1 of the
current season.
.04 Fees and Performance Bond
.01. The League fees including SHA certification fees will be set at the fall meeting, or at any meeting deemed necessary by
the President. The fees must be in the Secretary-Treasurer’s hand before any games may be played.
.02. The League Performance Bond will be $500.00. The bond must be in the Secretary-Treasurer's hand before any games
may be played.
01 League Officers:
.01. The League officers shall consist of President, Vice-President, and Past President. The President and Vice-President to
be elected annually at a biannual meeting. The position of Past President to be filled by the President of the previous executive
when he/she steps down. (The President, Vice-President and Past President must reside in different centers).
.02. There shall be an appointed Secretary-Treasurer and a Statistician.
.03. No League Officer may hold the position of League Governor, Coach, Manager, Trainer or Player.
.02 Board of Governors
.01. The Board of Governors of the League, hereinafter called the League Governors, shall consist of the President, the VicePresident,
Past President and one Governor appointed by each team. The League Governors are the League's Supreme body.
.02. Each Team, through its Governor shall have one vote. (In the absence of the Team Governor his designated alternate
shall vote for him.)
.03. The President shall only vote in case of a tie. (Vice-President and Past President do not have votes).
.04. The President may not vote on the following:
i. Admitting Probationary Members.
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ii. Admitting Probationary Members to full member status.
iii. On appeals made to the League Governors on rulings of the League Commission.
(In these instances a tie vote is lost.)
.05 The Governors may waive Article 2:01.03 and appoint a director or an alternate to act as a temporary President, or VicePresident.
This appointment shall carry the full authority of the office.
.01 Annual Meeting
.01 The annual meeting of the Board of Governors shall be held in the spring and a biannual meeting held in the fall of each
year. The place and date will be designated by the President and each club shall receive due notice. Any club not having a
representative (Team Governor) at the annual meeting will be subject to a fine of $250.00.
.02 The League Governors shall at the annual meeting:
a. Award full membership to probationary members. (The League Governors may choose to extend probationary
membership to a club for an additional year.)
b. Elect a President, Vice-President, and Past President at the annual meeting. (This election by majority vote may
delayed until the fall meeting.)
c. Amend the constitution by a 60% majority vote at the spring or fall biannual meeting.
d. Conduct other business of the Board of Governors as the President or the Governors deem necessary.
.01 Duties and Powers of the President
.01. The President shall have the power to represent any or all of the League Governors on any occasion, and will be
responsible to the governors for same. In the absence of the President or at his request the Vice-President (or Past President in
absence of the aforementioned two), shall have powers of the President in every respect.
.02. To call meetings of the League Governors whenever necessary, or at the request of any three (3) of club members.
.03. To give a full report to the SHA Executive Director regarding any suspensions of hockey clubs, managers, coaches,
players, referee, or any other officials.
.04. To deal with business of a minor nature, not needing a decision of the League Governors.
.05. To appoint a Secretary- Treasurer* and a Statistician.
.06. The President or his designate shall have sole authority to determine the suitability of playing conditions of ice during
League and Play-off Games.
.07. To draw up a play-off schedule in accordance with the constitution and directives from the League Governors.
.08. To chair all meetings of the League Governors and League Officers.
.02 Duties of The Secretary-Treasurer,
.01. To record all minutes of the League Officers and Governor's meetings, attend to all correspondence, record all receipts,
and payments, deposit all monies in a bank of the League's choice, pay all accounts of the League as they come due and as directed
by the President.
.02. To send notices of all meeting to The League Governors or Officers as directed by the President.
.03. To supply at League expense a copy of the constitution, score sheets, minutes, etc. and other correspondence
necessary to carry on League business.
.04. To forward to the SHA a current copy of the League constitution.
.05. To supply a financial statement for the spring annual meeting.
.03 Duties of the League Statistician:
01. To keep accurate statistics on all teams and players in the League.
.02. To provide all local newspapers with the League standings, top ten scoring race, and top goalie averages on a weekly
.03. To provide to each team with statistics on all players and teams in the League every two weeks.
.04 Duties And Powers Of The League Officers:
.01. To deal with and rule on all protests.
.02. To assess fines, suspensions, or expulsion from the League of any club, manager, coach, player, referee or other official
refusing to accept or comply with the rules of the League or for foul play or unfair or unsportsmanlike conduct, individually or
collectively at any place where hockey is being played or at any meeting.
.03. To draw up a schedule (or appoint a designate to draw up a schedule) after consultation with Team Governors.
.04. To rule when a team and player have a dispute.
.05. Not withstanding SHA Article 8.01.02 and SHA Article, the League Officers may grant member clubs additional
imports if this is deemed in the best interest of the League and the member club. In no way will these additional imports be eligible
for SHA Play-offs.
.05 Duties and Powers of the Board of Governors
.01. To conduct the business of the League at annual meetings and as required during the hockey season.
.02. To admit new members to a probationary franchise by
majority vote.
.03. To admit probationary members to full membership in accordance with Articles 1 and 2.
.04. To hear appeals of any decisions of the League Officers as set out in article 6.
.05. To readmit or reinstate, by majority vote any club, coach, manager, player, or referee under suspension, upon
application by such club or person in accordance with appeal procedure set out in article 6.
.07. To accept or refuse or purchase new trophies as deemed desirable.
.01. Protests
.01 . The League Officers will only entertain protests dealing with points arising from the SHA rules and regulations or the
.02. Protest and all supporting evidence thereof must be in duplicate signed by the President of the protesting club, and
counter signed by the club manager. The protest should be forwarded to the League President postmarked within 48 hours of the
advertised time of the game protested, together with a deposit of $200.00 which will be forfeited to the League if the protest is not
upheld. A further copy of the protest, duly signed must be forwarded to the club being protested against by mail within 48 hours of
the game.
.03. The club protested against will have 24 hours from the receipt of a protest in which to file a defense. A deposit of
$200.00 must accompany this defense, and it will be forfeited to the league if the protest is up- held.
01 Appeals:
.01. The League Governors will hear appeals of League Officer's rulings when the appealing club with the support of
two (2) of the member clubs must request the President to call a special League Governor's meeting or conference call. (A deposit of
$200.00 will accompany an appeal. It will be retained by the League if the appeal is unsuccessful.)
.02. The League Governors may readmit or reinstate any club, manager, coach, player or official suspended or reduce or
increase the suspensions and/or fines thereof.
.03. Officials (referees, linesmen and minor officials) appealing a suspension need only write the President and his appeal
will be heard at the next League Governor's meeting.
.04. Procedure:
a. The President will present the League Officer's ruling to the League Governors along with all pertinent
.05. Team registrations will be the responsibility of each team as per SHA rules.
.01 Tied Game:
.01. In League Play-offs, SHA rules pertaining to
overtime periods will be followed.
.02 SWHL tie breaking in Regular Season League games: ties will be decided by a five minute overtime with 3 players. If the
game is still tied after five minutes of overtime, three players will be chosen for a shootout. If still tied after 3 shooters it will be a
one for one sudden death. Entire roster must be utilized before any player can shoot for a second time. Points from a tied game are
awarded as follows: Each team gets one point after regulation time if tied. Winner after overtime or shoot out gets an extra point.
.03. Playoff Tied Game: The ice shall be flooded at the end of the third period, then a twenty minute overtime shall take
.01 Game Results:
.01 it is the responsibility of the home team to email game sheets to the league statistician and the President immediately
following the game.
.02. Teams who consistently do not fill out forms correctly, or who do not send in game sheets within 12 hours of game
completion will be subject to a fine of $50 per occurrence.
.01 Gate Receipts:
.01.The home club keeps all gate receipts from both home and play-off games. The profit or losses are to be absorbed by
the home team.
.02 Gate charges shall not exceed $10 per game.
.01 Postponed Games:
.01 .Postponement of scheduled, regular season games, unrelated to weather, must be arranged between the clubs
concerned at least 48 hours before the scheduled game time, and the President must be notified in writing of postponement and
.02. All postponed games or rescheduled games must be played within three (3) weeks of the rescheduled game. Non
compliance with the two week deadline will result in a $250.00 fine to both teams. With 48 hours the home team will name two
dates to reschedule the postponed game. The visiting team will then have 48 hours to select one of these dates. If one team will not
agree, the President will select the date (and place if necessary), and order the game played. Non compliance will then result in
forfeiture of points and the club's bond which will be distributed to the League and non offending team by the League Governors.
.03. Any team postponing a scheduled league game in order to participate in an EXHIBITION or other game whether at
home or away from home, shall forfeit their bond to the League, unless mutually agreed by both teams.
.04. Cancelling offending team must pay a $1000 flat rate to the non-offending team in the event that the game
is cancelled due to a non-weather related issue within 12 hours before the game.
.01 Fines:
.01. Each team will be invoices “team fines” monthly. Fine must be paid immediately and mailed to the President.
.02. Any team failing to return a game for whatever the reason shall become liable to a fine of $1000 to the team forfeited
and a $500 fine payable to the league and a possible forfeit of bond money. The money must be paid before the offending team can
play another game, be it league or playoff. Referee and linesmen will be paid regular fees if not notified.
.03. A fine $50.00 is the maximum fine per offense.
.01 Penalties:
.01. Any player receiving a MATCH penalty during the course of a game will receive an indefinite suspension until he is dealt
with by the League Officers. Exceptions - Article 15.01.02. (This includes coaches, managers, trainers or other team officials).
.02. Minimum suspensions for Match Penalties shall be as outlined under section 3.09.02 of the SHA Handbook. Players will
serve these minimum suspensions and be eligible to play unless otherwise indicated by the president. Upon reviewing the case the
League Officers may suspend the offender for additional games.
.03. A checking from behind major will draw a one (1) game suspension. A MATCH penalty for checking from behind will be
a minimum 4 game suspension. If injury results, the injured player's team will provide the president with a doctor's certificate and
further suspensions will be assessed.
.04. If a player under suspension plays, the team forfeits that game or games. The manager is responsible to see that the
rule is enforced.
.05 After a player accumulates 3 game misconduct penalties for fighting in the last 10 minutes of the third period, the
player will receive a game suspension. Every game misconduct received thereafter shall result in a game suspension.
.06 All players are required to wear a helmet that is properly secured with a chinstrap during warmups. One 2 minute
penalty will be issued to the offending team regardless of how many players are guilty of the infraction. The league shall be
notified of the infraction(s) in the referees report.
.07 At the end of warmups all players must be off the ice before buzzer sounds. A reasonable number of players may
return to ice to pick up pucks used during warmups. Failure to leave the ice surface will result in a one 2 minute minor penalty
per infracting team for delay of game regardless of the number of infracting players.
.01 Regular Season Games
.01. Each team will attend the fall scheduling meeting with details of club officials, colors, playing dates etc. before the start
of the season.
.02. A schedule will be drawn up by the League Officers within the framework of the information provided above.
.03. The playing schedule will be inspected, discussed and approved by all clubs prior to the start of the season. After which
there will be no further alterations except in exceptional circumstances.
.04. The playing format of the league play and play-offs will be set at every fall meeting. Divisions will be instituted if
.05. A player must play 5 games minimum in a 20 game or under season, or must play 6 games in a 21 game or more season
to be eligible for playoffs.
.06. AP players will be exempt from ruling 13.05
01 Play-off Positions:
.01. Play-off positions will be decided strictly in accordance with the procedure determined at the fall meeting. The fall
meeting shall decide the number of teams in the play-offs and the number of games to be played in each round.
.02 All play-off dates, in all rounds, be finalized before the start of the series or a $250.00 fine will be deemed to the
infracting team or teams.
.03. Deadlines will be discussed at the fall meeting.
.01 Play-off Series: Re: Weather Conditions:
.01. The League Officers shall have the right to vary the length of series if weather conditions make this necessary or
01 League Trophies:
.01. The team finishing in first place shall receive the League Winner's Trophy.
.02. The team winning the play-offs shall receive the Play-off Championship Trophy.
.03. The Playoff MVP will be selected by the League President and presented at the final game.
.04. The winning team will be responsible for purchasing their own banner. The League will pay the team $200.00 towards
the cost.
02 Individual Awards:
.01. Goalie Trophy shall be based on the team average, but for statistics the score MUST record on the score sheet the time
of any goalie change or changes.
.02. Each team will cast votes for any league or all star award on 5 pt., 3 pt., 1 pt., basis for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices. They
may not vote for their own players.
.03. The League will have all trophies and awards engraved at its cost.
.04. The following trophies will be awarded:
a. Most Valuable Player
b. Best Defenseman
c. Most Gentlemanly Player
d. Rookie of the Year
e. Top Goalie – Goals Against Average
f. Top Scorer
g. Best Defensive Forward
h. Coach of the Year
i. Harvey Somerville Memorial Award
j. 1st All Star Team
k. 2nd All Star Team
l. Special Awards by the President
.05. A rookie shall be any player playing his first year of senior hockey or any player of junior age or under playing his first
year in the League. This player will be eligible if he has played no more than one-third (1/3) of the League's regular schedule during 
the previous season. Unsigned affiliate juvenile or midget age players shall be considered a rookie only when they are signed on a
regular League card regardless of the number of games played. They will not be eligible for this award as an unsigned affiliate. If a
player has played Junior A or higher he would be ineligible to classified as a rookie. Imports will not qualify for the Rookie of the Year
.06. All players will be eligible for awards. (Teams will not nominate). However teams will provide a list of rookies and a list
of the position each player usually plays for the purpose of voting. A form will be provided by the secretary.
01 Honoraria:
.01. The following League officers will be entitled to an honoraria set at the fall meeting:
a. President - $1000
b. Vice President - $500
c. Secretary-Treasurer - $500
d. Scheduler - $250
e. Treasurer - $200
f. Referee in Chief - $1000 - The referee in chief shall also be paid an additional honorarium per team that needs a
linesmen coordinator.
g. Linesmen Coordinator - Linesmen coordinators shall receive a $100 honorarium per team for teams who
coordinate their own linesmen with the exception of the coordinator who is based out of Medicine Hat who shall receive $500.
01 Bylaws: (Motions Passed and Carried at SWHL Meetings that are pertinent to continuous operation of the League.)
1. Teams requesting the President to rule on an issue are to phone the president about the problem and then fax or email it in
2. Teams are to bring their concessions in writing to the fall meeting. None will be accepted after that time. Any further
changes will be made between the teams with the president, statistician and Referee Assignor being informed of the
changes in writing.
3. If league members cannot agree when a league/playoff game should be played, the president shall have absolute authority
in determining when and where said game shall be played.
4. League Passes: four regular season passes will be handed out to each team to be used as each team desires. All League
Officers will receive regular season passes.
5. If a team withdraws after fall scheduling meeting, their bond will be forfeited.
6. Teams not attending any meeting will be fined $250 for each meeting missed.
7. Teams will nominate their own players for awards voting. When voting, teams may NOT vote for their own players.
8. Alternate goalies will be used and goaltender guidelines which are given out yearly by SHA.
9. Awards will be given to teams to hand out as they deem fit.
10. If any player chooses to move from one league team to another league team in the SWHL, the current team must send a
formal notification signed by the Manager, Coach and Player to the League President and the affected team by September 1st.
11. Only one representative from team management be eligible to contact the president otherwise a $500 fine will be
implemented. The 12 hour rule is still in effect.
12. Social Media Policy: will follow the SHA Guidelines.
13. In the event that there has been an error in assigning officials the league shall pay any official that has been assigned in error
for both mileage and officiating fees. The referee in chief will decide who officiates the game.
01 Structure of Fines:
1. Any player, coach, manager, trainer or stick person assessed a penalty under Rule 9.6 (Abuse of Officials) in Hockey Canada
Rule Book is to be immediately suspended until matter is dealt with by SHA Chairperson in charge.
2. Any player, coach, manager, trainer or stick person assessed a penalty under Rule 9.7 (Spitting) in Hockey Canada Rule Book
is to be immediately suspended until matter is dealt with by SHA Chairperson in charge.
3. For anyone receiving a game misconduct under rule 9.2 a), or b) (Harassment of Officials). The suspension is one game and
team fine will be $50.
4. A team official receiving a game misconduct under rule 9.2 a, b (1,2,3) anytime during a game - the team fine is:
? $50 fine
5. After a player accumulates three (3) game misconduct penalties the player will receive a game suspension. For every
addition game misconduct after 3 it is a suspension per misconduct.
6. A match penalty for checking from behind/check to head draws a minimum four (4) game suspension for the 1st offense.
A second offense will result in an indefinite suspension. Fine is $50. (6.4b/6.5c)
7. If a player under suspension plays, the team forfeits that game or games. The MANAGER is responsible to see that the
rule is enforced.
8. Minimum suspensions for Penalties shall be as outlined under section 3.07.02 of the SHA Handbook.
One Game
(6.4a)/6.5a and b). A checking from behind/check to head
where a five minute major penalty plus game misconduct
penalty is assessed
Multiple Game misconducts – one game for each offense
over one
Two Games
Gross Misconduct
Third person in a fight
Second Fighting Major
Three Games
Deliberate Attempt to Injure Spearing
Head Butting Butt Ending
Kicking Stick Swinging, Slash, High Sticking, Cross Checking
Hair Pulling Leaving bench for purpose of fighting
Pulling/Grabbing Facemask Using rings, etc. to punish
Note: Each game of a suspension to any participant results in a $50.00 per game fine to maximum of $500.00.
02: Game Ejection
A Game Ejection penalty shall be assessed to any player that incurs a total of three or more stick infraction penalties during
same game. For the purpose of this rule, only high-sticking, cross-checking, slashing, butt-ending, and spearing are considered
stick infractions. Players penalized under this rule shall be ordered to the dressing room for the remainder of the game.
6.4 a)6.5 a and b) Checking from Behind/Check to Head Major If a player receives a second major he will receive a
warning, a third will result in a game suspension and any further will draw a four game suspension.
Note Page 62
The preceding is a guideline for the suspension of team members. League may extend the basic suspension(s), however they
shall not reduce the Saskatchewan Hockey Association minimum guideline.
03: Abuse of Officials and Suspensions
01. Any player receiving five “10 minute misconducts” will receive a one game suspension. Every 10 minute misconduct after
that will result in a one game misconduct (game for game). A $50 fine will be implemented for all suspensions.
02. All misconducts will be reset for playoffs.
01. “A” Centers:
a) A centers shall be allowed 4 non-local elite players must reside within the A center corporate limits by September 1st to
be eligible to play. Elite player refers to a player who has played a minimum of one season of junior A or above.
b) All local, minor hockey (elite or non-elite) shall be permitted.
c) A centers must email their rosters to the league secretary by September 1st of each season.
02. “B” Centers:
a) With the exception of those rules and regulations specifically mentioned and covered here, the SHA Senior B rules and
regulations shall prevail.
b) A list of the non-import players which a team intends to use in league games, must be registered with the President at
the Fall meeting of the current season. The list must indicate the player’s current physical address and phone
number. The addition of non-import players after the fall meeting must be brought to the attention of the league
executive and member teams.
(i) A hometown player to any team may not play with any other team in the league without a release from
his home team.
(ii) Hometown players registered the year previously, will be regarded as that centers protected player until
the player gets his release or the chain is broken (e.g. Playing in another league)
(iii) In the case that a team has taken a leave of absence from the league, all hometown players shall revert
back to their original team that had taken the leave of absence.
(iv) an import player who was previously registered with a team shall be treated as a local
in the fact that they need a release to play for another team in the SWHL by July 1st

Friday, October 28th at 8:30PM
Unity Miners vs. Biggar Nationals

Saturday, October 29th at 7:30PM
Macklin Mohawks vs. Kindersley Sr Klippers

Saturday, October 29th at 8:00PM
Hafford Hawks vs. Unity Miners

Saturday, March 26th
Macklin Mohawks 4 vs. Wilkie Outlaws 2
Box Score

Saturday, March 19th
Wilkie Outlaws 3 vs. Macklin Mohawks 5
Box Score

Friday, March 18th
Macklin Mohawks 1 vs. Wilkie Outlaws 2
Box Score

Nationals 0 0 0 0 0
Stars 0 0 0 0 0
Hawks 0 0 0 0 0
Tigers 0 0 0 0 0
Klippers 0 0 0 0 0
Mohawks 0 0 0 0 0
Miners 0 0 0 0 0
Outlaws 0 0 0 0 0